Fully Digital Office

Digital X-Rays

Higher level of care, less radiation and more accurate information.

Cone Beam CT

For a three-dimensional (3-D) image which helps with the diagnosis, treatment planning and evaluation of certain conditions.

Implant Surgery Motor

For safe manual dental implant placement.

Radio Wave Technology

Better results than traditional laser technology when it comes to soft tissue surgery. The high frequency, low temperature radio waves offer better cellular results.

Ultrasound Technology

For cutting bone tissue while minimizing trauma to the soft tissue and maximizing safety of the patient.

Intraoral Digital Scanner

Better patient experience and precision scanning for highly accurate restorations while eliminating the discomfort of dental impressions.

L-PRF Intra- Spin™ System

Ensure proper biocompatibility and clinical performance for soft tissue healing and enhanced bone growth.

Vital Signs Monitor

High quality patient observation before, during, and after surgery.

Implant Guided Surgery

With the use of the Simplant software, the doctor will plan the surgery so that all implants are placed in the right position and distance. The software reports the exact position where the implant should be placed minimizing the potential risk of damage to critical anatomical structures in the lower or upper jaw.