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TMJ Referral Form
Discomfort Scale

As you know, many of the patients you treat may present this type of disorder due to different factors that include stress (anxiety and or depression), malocclusion, trauma and parafunctional habits like clenching and bruxism. Additional factors include poor body mechanics and neurological problems. They may complain of any or all of the following symptoms: clicking/ grating, noises in their jaw joints, facial and neck pain, headaches, ear ringing, and tinnitus among others. These symptoms will deeply affect the quality of life of the patients. They can mimic other afflictions and can be difficult to diagnose and manage.

Our treatment frequently consist of splints and bite plates that we custom make to fit the individual biomechanical necessity of each patient. The purpose of using the splint is to restore the appropriate tridimensional mandibular position which is frequently displaced in these types of patients. It is also meant to improve and restore the mechanics and the vector of forces that are usually affected when teeth are in contact during parafunctional episodes. The splints will also prevent damage to the teeth and associated structures.

We truly believe that customized conservative treatment for the temporomandibular disorders can improve most of the symptoms that affect many of your everyday patients. A great number of the population that is treated every day for medical purposes present undiagnosed habits of dental origin that can affect the neck, head, ears, and the different muscles (including muscles of the lower back), due to a domino effect related mainly to the suprahyoid and infrahyoid craniocervical connections of the mandible.

The screening of these patients is simple and does not take long. Above is the discomfort scale form that you can add to the package that you give to your patient in their first visit. It will take them two minutes to complete. If the values in the form are high, then there are chances that your patient is suffering from a complication related to the TMJ. You will be able to pick up subtle signs and symptoms and help your patient with their specific problem, enhancing the scope of your therapy.

Our center also treats patients suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Snoring. Our mandibular advancement splint will repositon the mandible to improve the airway preventing obstruction while sleeping. It also prevents the tissues of the upper airway from vibrating as air passes over them, which is the major cause of snoring.

We would like to be able to work with you. Working together will increase the chances of getting these patients better! When you refer a patient to our office, you will receive a full report with our findings and suggestions. You can be certain that your patient will be treated in an environment especially designed and dedicated to this field of dentistry.